AWQ 3MI: Photography, Grade 11, University/College

This is the first in our Special Series Photography courses, this course is recommended for students who are in grade 11 and have completed AVI 1OI or AWD 2OX.

Do you have a camera?  Do you have a fancy DSLR or even a cell phone?  Do you want to learn how to use it? Have you ever wanted to learn how to take better pictures?  Then this course is for you!   Even if you don’t have a camera, we do, so don’t let that stop you from signing up.   In this course, you will learn how to control key features of your camera, something all beginners should learn.  Through the course assignments, students will exercise their creativity, be inspired by other photographers, learn digital editing techniques as well as some analog processes in our darkroom!  Not only do students thoroughly enjoy the “red room”, but this process mirrors all the important aspects of camera function. Together, we will explore different compositional principles and a variety of subject matter as students learn to turn their cameras off “auto”. Students should be aware that time is needed outside of the classroom to take creative photographs. 

There is a fee associated with this course.

Prerequisite: Grade 9 or 10 Visual Arts, Open 

Recommendations:  The Grade 11 photography course is a very technical course that builds on compositional skills students acquired in Grade 9 and 10; therefore we recommend students first complete the Grade 9 Visual Arts. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Visual Arts Department.