Co-operative Education

Bluevale Co-op provides an outstanding and valuable opportunity for students to test-drive a career in their subject area of choice.  After successfully applying to the program, students begin with an in-class pre-placement component where, for the first three weeks of the semester, they prepare for the workplace by completing cover letters & resumes, prepare for interviews, and explore health & safety as well as expectations in the workplace.  Following pre-placement,  students spend the remainder of their semester working at their co-op job where they, together with their teacher and workplace supervisor, set goals and work towards them while contributing to their co-op workplace.  The experience gained is invaluable as students continue to build their skills, resumes and list of community contacts. Again, Bluevale Co-op allows students to test-drive their future by gaining work experience in their chosen field before investing significant time and money on post-secondary education and/or training programs.

Invest wisely in your future: choose Bluevale Co-op!  For more information, visit or click on the link below.

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