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Celebrating Black History Month!

Check out these Black History Resources

Find fantastic fiction and non-fiction books by Black authors on the WRDSB Overdrive digital library


How to Reserve a Book from the BCI Library

If you are interested in reserving a book from the BCI Library, please watch this video for a couple of simple steps on how to reserve a book online in our Library Learning Commons. If the book is available for you, the librarian will take care of delivering it to your classroom.

Another option is to complete this book reservation form and your book requests will be delivered to your classroom.

Grade 9 Chromebooks
Hello grade 9 students! Many of you now have your new Chromebooks! If you did not yet receive your Chromebook, you will likely be able to pick it up at school on your orientation day. In order to pick up your device be sure to bring your completed and signed Chromebook contract to school that day.

If you have your new Chromebook, please choose the Browse as Guest option for now. At orientation, you will get set up as a user on your Chromebook. If you have already logged into your Chromebook with your user name and password, you can continue to use that for now. At orientation you will need to change your password and re-add your user to the Chromebook.

Please wait until after Tuesday, September 8th to change your password as there is important information coming your way. We do not want anyone to have trouble accessing their account in advance of the start of school.


Students new to the WRDSB: You will have access to your accounts earlier than expected! This will be very helpful in terms of getting started in a timely fashion with your class and cohort. We will send you information about this. Watch for an email from Ms. Lavell in the near future.


Distance learning students: Please wait to change your password as well. More information about your account and Chromebook set up will be communicated to you the first week of school.


All grade 9 students: Your existing password will be changed late in the day on Tuesday, September 8. You should attempt to locate your student number in advance of September 8. Your student number might not be recorded on your elementary school report card (possibly only your OEN appears there), but you will be able to find your student number in your MyWay portal. Please find your student number, if possible, and record it somewhere so that you can locate it easily on your first day of school.

Need some help with your Chromebook? Chromebook Support is available! See below.


Having Chromebook Issues or Password Problems?

Please visit the board’s new tech help website: Tech@Home: Chromebooks. This website contains resources to help students and families troubleshoot technical problems and issues they may be experiencing with their Chromebooks or with their WRDSB computer accounts.

If you are still experiencing difficulties after visiting the site please complete this form: CHROMEBOOK ISSUES. Once you have submitted the form our In School Technician will be in touch with you to outline next steps.


Important Computer Account Message for All Graduates and Any Students Leaving Bluevale

All graduating students, and any students leaving Bluevale at the end of this semester, will lose access to their G Suite for Education accounts and data (including Google Drive files and email) over the summer and the accounts will be closed. It is strongly recommended that these students back up all documents and emails to their personal drives/accounts before the end of the semester.

Any files and other data that students wish to keep should be backed up. Google Takeout is a tool that can be used to make a copy of your data. Students should consider following this tutorial to assist with the process. This tutorial shows you how to transfer your Google Drive files and your emails directly to another Google account using Google Transfer.  The tutorial also explains how to use Google Takeout to make a copy of all of your data (including Google Drive files and emails, as well as items such as Google Photos, Contacts, Calendar Events and Google Keep notes).

Students returning to a WRDSB school in September will retain their existing files and accounts. No action is necessary for these students at this time.



Tools to Help You Write and Format Your Essays

APA Guide – Purdue

MLA Guide – Purdue

Citation Machine


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Book Club
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