Welcome to English at Bluevale Collegiate Institute

To Our Future Grade 9s

We are thrilled you will be joining us for the 2022/2023 school year! The BCI English department is staffed with teachers who have a passion for reading, writing, critical thinking and discussion. All of us are looking forward to meeting you in the coming school year.

The BCI English department is excited to continue with its implementation of our single section Grade 9 program. This means all of our grade 9 students are working towards their ENG 1DI credit. This replaces our previous model of grade 9 learning which streamed students into Applied, Academic or Advanced Placement.

Our English department has worked hard to develop a new and innovative approach to our Grade 9 program to make sure all of our classroom learners feel engaged and supported. This program includes:

  • More student voice and choice in relation to the books students are reading 
  • A focus on literacy fundamentals – our teachers are using diagnostic tools to assess where students are at in relation to their skill development and designing lessons that meet student needs
  • Students are being given multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a wide variety of ways
  • Voice and choice in relation to how students demonstrate their learning. Students are given opportunities to demonstrate their learning through their writing, creative skills, and through their verbal communication. 

For Our Returning Students

Bluevale’s English Department continues to strive to create engaging, inclusive and innovative English courses. Next year, we are excited to announce the extension of our BCI Reads program to include our Grade 10 classes. Below you will find information as it relates to both our compulsory and elective courses currently being offered to students.

English Course Descriptions Gr 9/10

Selecting Grade 10 English Courses

Selecting Grade 11 English Courses

Selecting Grade 12 English Courses


For specific course content questions and other related inquiries we encourage you to contact to Ms. Emily Campbell (she/her),  the head of English the English Department, via email at emily_schmuck@wrdsb.ca.