The English Department is proud of its students’ various achievements in literacy-related activities such as the OSSLT scores and various scholarships to post-secondary institutions.

BCI’s English Department offers pre-Advanced Placement (pre-AP) courses at the Grade 9, 10 and 11 levels. These courses are designed to prepare our students for the academic rigour of the two Grade 12 Advanced Placement courses in English; these courses are a part of the North American AP prgram.

Incoming students who wish to enroll in Grade 9 pre-AP┬ámust be recommended for the course by their respective English teachers from their intermediate schools. An application is available on our website. Students who wish to enroll in the Grade 10 or 11 pre-AP┬ácourses must receive a recommendation from a member of BCI’s English department.

Specific course content questions and other related inquiries may be addressed to Ms. Emily Campbell, Head of English. Email:

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