AVI 2OX: Grade 10 Without Experience, Open

This Comprehensive Course is intended as an introductory course for students who have NOT taken a Grade 9 Visual Arts course. After completing this course students have the option to continue with the Comprehensive Course with AVI 2OI or our Grade 11 Special Series Courses.

This course focuses on studio and art appreciation. Students will experience a variety of media, tools, processes and technologies to create artwork. The studio work will include various drawing activities, watercolour painting, clay sculpture, lino block printmaking and digital drawing. Working with the students, we help them develop strong technical and problem solving  skills that allow them to sculpt, draw and/or shade three dimensional objects in a range of media.

Recommendation: As a Comprehensive Course, this course will prepare students for further exploration in visual art. After completion of this course, students can elect to take AVI 2OI and/or AWQ 3MI.