Welcome to Bluevale Guidance!

Guidance Counsellors provide academic advice, general support, and problem solving.

Our Child and Youth Worker, Ms. Kains-Rollins, is available for further social/emotional assistance.

Our School Social Worker, Mr. Dabala, is our mental health and family support lead.

We are all here to help students be successful!


Guidance Staff Member Phone Extension & Email Role/Assignment
Mrs. Loschnig



Ext. 5520




Administrative Assistant

Ms. Prudham


Ext. 5525




Head of Guidance

Student Surnames:

A – Gl

Mr. Taylor


Ext. 5527




Guidance Counsellor

Student Surnames:

Go – L

Mr. Forget


Ext. 5526




Guidance Counsellor

Student Surnames:

M – R

Mr. Moffatt


Ext. 5528




Guidance Counsellor

Student Surnames:

S – Z

Ms. Kains-Rollins


Ext. 5658




Child and Youth Worker

Mr. Dabala



Ext. 5659





School Social Worker

Mr. Boucher


Ext. 5660




Student Success Teacher

Mrs. Maloney



Ext. 5657





Head of Special Education


Guidance Google Classroom Codes for the 23/24 school year:

Gr. 9 students join:       zfkiak2

Gr. 10 students join:      ehnmxrx

Gr. 11 students join:      imj4osc

Gr. 12 and 12+ students join:     jb36wwy


Interested in signing up for an International or Indigenous Language? 

Offered Saturdays at local Secondary School settings

Please enrol here!


Mental Health Interview Series:

Social Worker Interview: Stress and Anxiety

Guidance Counsellor Interview: Conversations About Mental Health

Child and Youth Worker: Mental Health vs. Mental Illness


Specialist High Skills Major: SHSM

Bluevale offers Specialist High Skills Majors in: Arts and Culture, Manufacturing and Business. To find out more, please click HERE!


Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and/or you are not coping well, speak immediately to your parents or a caring adult. We have our CYW, Jaimie_Chad@wrdsb, as well as our school Social Worker, Asnake_Dabala@wrdsb.ca as needed. If you have a personal emergency, please come immediately to the Guidance Office. Here are some resources to support Mental Health that are available online:

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868


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