Counselling services are available to every student in the school.

Assistance is offered for course selection, pathway planning (apprenticeship, workplace, college and university) and other issues affecting school performance.


Course Selection Timelines:

  • Students will attend Grade Specific Course Information Assemblies this week.
  • Following their assembly, students will receive paperwork useful in selecting courses at home. 
  • Course selections will be completed using MyWay. A print out of the selections made, signed by parent/guardian, will be due WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21st.
  • All students will be seen by their Guidance Counsellor on either Thursday, February 22 or Friday, February 23.
  • Students in Gr. 11 should refer, with their families, to their IPP planning package, completed in December, as a guide to selecting courses appropriate for post-secondary plans.
  • Grade 12 students must ALL enter plans into MyWay.

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Link to 2018-2019 Course Offerings.


Please contact Mrs. Crovetto, Guidance Administrative Assistant, at extension 5520 to arrange a registration appointment.

Click Bluevale Registration Instructions for all required documents and information.

You will need to bring:

  1. Proof of Age e.g. birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport
  2. Proof of Address e.g. a copy of residence property tax bill or a utility bill containing parent/guardian name and address of residence or a copy of offer to purchase a residence or a copy of lease/rental agreement for a residence
  3. Ontario Student Transcript from the student’s present/previous school or a Credit Counselling Summary (CCS), or most recent report card.

Online Appointment Bookings

Click on your Counsellor’s name and follow the instructions.

NOTE – this system is only available for current Bluevale students.  Anyone not currently attending Bluevale, please contact our guidance co-ordinator (Mrs. Crovetto) to book appointments for registrations, transfers, etc.

Guidance Team

Ms. Lavell (A – Fl)

Mr. Taylor (Fo-L)

Mr. Forget (M-Ri)

Mr. Moffatt (Ro – Z)


Mrs. Crovetto (Administrative Assistant)

Ms. Cotten (CYW)

Ms. Cumming (CYW)

Ms. Peprah (Social Worker)


Timetable changes can be made by appointment through exams. After exams, students must submit a Request for Timetable Change to guidance and will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Timetable Change Forms must be signed by a parent prior to being submitted.

See above for information about making a timetable change during the first two weeks of September and/or the first week of February. In all other time periods, please book an appointment online.

Senior students who wish to reduce a course from their timetable must make an appointment with their guidance counsellor and follow the appropriate course drop procedure.

Please Note: The timetable change is only official when the student has received a new printed timetable. Until this time, the student must attend the originally scheduled classes. Non-attendance does not constitute dropping a course.



  • Mr. B. Boucher
  • Mr. M. Fangrad
  • Mr. J. Pattison

Futures Forum Teacher (includes Career Studies course):

  • Mr. B. Boucher


Any student can choose to write an AP exam without taking an AP course. See your Ms. Lavell for information. Click here for the universities that have informed the College Board that they acknowledge qualifying AP Exam grades in the admissions process.

For more information on AP at Bluevale, visit the AP page.


Community hour tracking forms are available in the Counselling Office. Please return the tracking form when the 40 hours have been completed.  The 40 hours of community service hours are a diploma requirement.

Click here for community volunteer opportunities

Click here for a community service tracking form



Link to 2018-2019 Course Offerings

Link to WRDSB Common Course Calendar 2017-2018 WRDSB

Link to  What you need to graduate



Thank you to our visiting Grade 8’s!
If you missed the tours and meeting, please check out these resources:

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Link to supplement2018-19LLdoc (2018-2019 Grade 9 Course Offerings)



Grade 12 Student and Parent Post Secondary Information Night (Post secondary info 2017 Bluevale parent info).

Click College and Uni Handout 2017-18.doc for a handout on Pathways to Post-Secondary Options

Click here Planning Your Future Useful Websites



Click here to visit the Scholarship Information page



Need someone to talk to? Need someone to listen?

Call the Distress Line at 519-745-1166 or 519-795-9905

Are you or a friend in crisis? Call the Crisis Line at 519-744-1813