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Why Take Visual Arts?

Beside that fact that it is fun and exciting, it also provides a nice stress relief and balance to your day. Our classrooms offer a place for independent creative thinkers and creators to foster resilience. Even if the future workplace is operated by artificial intelligence and machines, those machines will be programmed by humans. Without developing critical thinking skills to assess the impacts of the actions of AI on the world around them unintended negative consequences could occur. These days employers are not looking as much for what you know, but how creatively you solve problems. We teach creative thinking and problem solving! Be a Renaissance person by seeing no boundary between the arts and science!!! Not to mention students need an arts credit to graduate and a second credit in art will help them complete their group 2 requirement. So don’t stop at one credit…

But I Can’t Draw…

Don’t worry, we are here for you! Let me ask you this… when you sign up for math, is it because you already know everything? My guess is going to be… NO! You expect to learn and to be taught. Well we don’t expect you to know everything either and… we are here to teach you!

Find Your Path:

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Our course can be broken into two strands of art: Comprehensive and Special Series

The Comprehensive Courses focus on traditional art forms and the courses are developed to progressively build and develop skills from one year to the next while introducing the students to different  traditional and contemporary forms of fine art.

Where the Special Series Courses focus on a specific media or form of art.


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