AVI 3MI: Grade 11, University/College Preparation

The third in our series of Comprehensive Course is recommended for students who have taken  AVI 1OI and AVI 2OI Visual Arts courses.

This course is designed to assist the students in developing their own style by applying the knowledge and skills that they have acquired to theoretic and practical media. Students will explore a wide range of media through studio work, including various drawing activities, acrylic painting, clay sculpture, stained glass and assemblage art. Units are supported and developed through an information file that focuses on the creative design process. Throughout the course, students examine and use critical thinking and problem solving strategies to inform their creative process while beginning to build a presentation portfolio that will assist them in meeting the entrance requirements for specific college and university programs. The students will analyse their artwork and through the development of independent research and learning skills, create an artist statement. They will be given the opportunity to analyze and present information pertaining to artwork and social aspects of art history. 

Recommendation: The Grade 11 course is a Comprehensive Course that builds on information and techniques the students acquired in Grade 9 and 10; therefore we recommend students first complete the AVI 1OI and AVI 2OI Visual Arts course.