Welcome to  Geography!

What is Geography?

In today’s world, there are many different issues that come across our news feeds.  The world is constantly changing.  Thinking geographically helps us understand more about what is happening as our world evolves.  Geography stresses the importance of thinking about WHAT is WHERE, WHY it’s THERE, WHY we should CARE about it and WHAT next steps could be taken.  By using this lens we can focus on different geographical issues with an informed view and figure out more SUSTAINABLE ways that we can approach those issues using good STEWARDSHIP practices.



Geography students are skilled in:


Problem Solving Computer Mapping Inquiry Methods
Decision Making Statistical Analysis Literary Research
Impact Analysis Field Research Writing Reports
Balancing Viewpoints Spatial Awareness Teamwork


 Career Opportunities:

Some jobs make direct use of geographical knowledge such as those in tourism, town planning, environmental management, location analysis, earth sciences, cartography and teaching.  Transferable skills that Geography fosters are also an asset in law, journalism, international business, real estate, economics and politics.