Academic success is related to attendance and participation in the day-to-day activities of the class. Students are required to be present in all of their classes unless there are validated reasons for being absent. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work missed due to an absence.

Validating Absences
The school validates absences related to curricular (i.e. field trips) or co-curricular activities (i.e. school athletic events).  A parent or guardian and those students 18 and over must validate absences due to illness, medical or dental appointments, bereavement, family matters or legal obligations. Please validate through the main office. Absences reported through guidance or teaching staff may not be validated. Please note we can only validate absences retroactively for 3 days. 

To validate an absence a parent or guardian or student 18 and over may either call the main office or send an email. Please be sure to include the student’s name, date of absence, reason for absence, and the name of the parent/guardian who is verifying the absence. 

  1. Call the main office at 519-885-4620  on or before the day of the absence. Press 1.
  • Press 1 … for surnames A – K 
  • Press 2 … for surnames L – Z 

      2. Send an email to or provide a written note. Notes are to be signed by a parent/guardian and presented to the office. We can’t accept text messages on student’s phones.

Extended Absences
Extended absences due to illness may require medical documentation.  A parent or guardian or student over 18 should notify the school office prior to any extended absences due to work, travel or any other reason.  A Temporary Withdrawal Form must be completed for any absence of 15 or more consecutive school days. This form is available through the Vice-Principal or Principal. It will be up to the administration if a program of study will be provided. Extended absences can lead to a student being demitted from a class.


Students under 18, who must be excused early, are to provide an email, note or phone call from their parent/guardian to the main office. All students must report to the main office to sign-out if they are leaving the school before their day is finished.

A student who becomes ill during the school day is to report to the main office. The office will contact the student’s parent or guardian to make arrangements for the student to sign-out.

Late Arrival (Signing-In)
A student’s late arrival to class disturbs other students and interferes with the learning process.  Students are expected to be in class before the bell rings.  Students who arrive after the bell rings are considered late. Students who arrive late will report directly to class unless they have a note. Notes must come to the main office.

  • Repeated late arrivals will be referred to the administration by the subject teacher and may be subject to disciplinary consequences.

Adult Student Attendance Responsibility

  • If a student is over 18 they are required to validate their absences through the main office. Adult students must sign in when they arrive late and sign out if they are leaving before the end of their school day.