AVI 1OI: Grade 9, Open

The first in our Comprehensive Courses is designed for Grade 9s only.

This course focuses on studio and art appreciation. Students will experience a variety of media, tools, processes and technologies to create artwork. The studio work will include various drawing activities, watercolour painting, clay sculpture, lino block printmaking and digital drawing. Working with the students, we help them develop strong technical and problem solving  skills that allow them to sculpt, draw and/or shade three dimensional objects in a range of media.

Units in the grade nine course are designed around the elements and principles of design. Each unit highlights one of the elements and explores how the principles are used to create a strong and creative composition, all while developing their unique creative process. Interwoven in each unit, students will demonstrate an understanding of visual arts concepts by critically analysing and viewing artwork which represents historical and contemporary cultures related to the chosen media. These units will provide students with enduring knowledge and essential skills for further studies in visual arts.

And if that’s not enough to entice you to take Visual arts, how about… NO homework! This course is designed to allow students the opportunity to do the majority of their work in class. However students are always encouraged to continue to develop and practise their skills at home. Plus, our doors are open to the students during lunch if they need a place to continue developing or practising their skills.