AWC 3OI: Clay and Glass, Grade 11, Open

This is an independent Special Series Course, however we do encourage students to complete AVI1OI or AWD2OX 

This course will be focused on the creation of functional works of art using a range of mediums. Students will be introduced to several hand building, mold-making, casting, carving, assemblage, ceramic process and warm glass techniques. The projects will address how to apply the elements and principles of design while developing their designs for structural and functional pieces. This is essentially a creative problem-solving class — there are many possible solutions to any given problem. The course will also address basic world histories and properties of clay and glass and help to develop an awareness of some contemporary use of these mediums.

There is a fee associated with this course.

Recommendations:  The Clay and Glass course is a technical course that builds on compositional skills students acquired in Grade 9; therefore we recommend students first complete the Grade 9 Visual Arts.