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Welcome to Bluevale’s Technology Department!

Our Technology Department offers an exciting range of courses for students. The tech courses at Bluevale will allow students to explore their curiosity, increase their exposure to technology and develop their critical thinking skills. Our diverse programs range from: Communications, Computer Programming, Manufacturing, Tech Design, and Transportation Technology. Our courses emphasize hands-on experiences that will allow you to develop technical and manual skills that can be applied to University/College through to the workplace/apprenticeship.

VIDEO: Watch our Tech Classes in ACTION!!!



  • You need at least one GROUP 3 credit to graduate, and Tech satisfies this requirement
  • A number of our grade 10 courses don’t have a grade 9 pre-requisite, i.e., you don’t need gr. 9 to take grade 10.
  • BCI offers a variety of co-op placements in technology (manufacturing, transportation, comm-tech and more)
  • Many of our courses provide VERY in-demand skills that today’s employers are looking for. 
  • Courses are very active – a nice break from “lecture style” – Tech courses are FUN!
  • Want a job? YOU better take Tech!
Grade 9 — Tech Option        Grade 10 — Tech Options        Grade 11 — Tech Options       Grade 12 — Tech Options 
TECH COURSE WEB SITES:A lot of really incredible projects that are FUN to do – look at the exemplars to get an idea.  You may even learn something in this class, but don’t worry — what ever you learn — we guarantee that it will be useful.