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Grade 10 Academic Spanish

This is an introductory course to Spanish and it does not require any previous knowledge of the language. Students will learn how to practically converse in Spanish and will develop their reading and writing skills. Students will delve into Spanish culture through various cultural activities and days, try Spanish cuisine, and take part in a Latin dance class.

Grade 11 Academic Spanish

This course continues to develop and enrich students’ oral communication, reading and writing skills. Students will continue to advance their knowledge and practicality of the language and culture through various cultural activities and days. They will study an array of Spanish music and will be reading an intermediate level reader, by the end of the course.

Grade 12 Academic Spanish

This course continues to develop the students’ reading and writing skills. The emphasis of this course is on the oral communication aspect and students will be able to speak in an array of practical situations to travel and/or to continue the study of the language. The amount of language obtained through three short years of studying Spanish will be astounding.

**based on enrollment.