Core French, Grade 9, Academic

In the Grade 9 Academic Course, we use the communicative and action-oriented approaches. Students are encouraged to listen, speak, read and write in French. Oral communication is a focus, as reference is made to the principles of the CEFR. The language is targeted to young teenagers and their need for social interaction. Texts inspire authentic conversations and encourage real-world connections. Students learn through the following theme-based units: a new city, travel, social media and creativity and their own uniqueness. The use of correct grammar and appropriate language conventions in both spoken and written French will be emphasized throughout the course.

Core French, Grade 9, Applied

This course emphasizes the further development of oral communication skills with less emphasis on the development of reading and writing skills. Students will expand their ability to understand and speak French through short conversations, projects and presentations. They will explore French through the themes of friendship, food, music and sports.

Pre-AP French

Students may choose to apply for the pre-advanced placement French course in Grade 9*. Student will read a short novel in addition to the continued development of four skills of language learning. More emphasis will be placed on opportunities to develop stronger writing and conversational skills and to prepare students to take AP French in Grade 12. Application forms are available on the school’s website and from the elementary schools