CGF 3MI   Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature:  Physical Processes and Disasters (CGF 3MI) is a university/college level course that focuses on the theme of Natural Disasters.  Topics include earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, avalanches and tsunamis.  Students will explore how these physical processes related to Earth’s water, land, and air can affect the planet and its people.  It will help students understand the basic physical systems that affect everyday life (eg. earth-sun relationships, water cycles, wind and ocean currents).  It will appeal to those who already know they are interested in Geography and to those who are interested in destruction as caused by Mother Nature.

CGG 3OI  Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism explores various top tourist destinations around the world, examining the tourism industry and the impact it has on regions and their people. Students will learn to establish criteria for choosing an ideal vacation while learning about All-Inclusive and Cruise vacations. The class will also learn about the economic, environmental and social impacts of tourism. Using this knowledge, students will create an Ecotourism resort that maximizes positive economic impacts, while mitigating negative environmental and social impacts on tourist areas. The class also focuses on teaching valuable travel tips such as how to plan vacations which students will put into practice as they plan a thirty-day trip through Europe. This course will provide students with practical skills that will save them time and money and, hopefully, inspire them to explore the world.