Mr. Darryl Keirstead (


Mr. Keirstead is the head of Geography at Bluevale.  He teaches grade 9 Canadian Geography and grade 11 Travel & Tourism and Business. Mr. Keirstead is passionate about the outdoors, travelling, food and FISHING! His involvement outside of the classroom includes running Fishing Club and Commencement.




Mrs. Lindsay Stewart (


Mrs. Stewart teaches grade 9 Canadian Geography, grade 11 Forces of Nature as well as the Choose to Lead Geography program.  Mrs. Stewart also teaches in the Family Studies department. She is passionate about helping students realize that a geographic lens can be applied to almost anything!  Mrs. Stewart really enjoys teaching about our physical world and how that influences what we do.  At Bluevale she is involved in FedProv, the Muslim Student Association and coaches the girl’s varsity soccer team.



Mrs. Jennifer Kemperman (


Mrs. Kemperman teaches grade 9 Canadian Geography and Science. She loves to make connections between the classroom and the real world we live in. She encourages students to start a Canadian bucket list of amazing sights and adventures here in our big beautiful country! She is a geology nerd at heart and hasn’t met a rock she didn’t love.




Mrs. Kelly Hinds-Gamble (


Mrs. Hinds-Gamble teaches grade 9 Canadian Geography and grade 12 World Issues. She also teaches Family Studies. Mrs. HG loves the outdoors, gardening and warm weather.  She strives to help students make connections between what we learn in class and the real world.  Geography is everything!