Bluevale Collegiate is pleased to offer Waterloo Region’s first and only leadership program for students living within the BCI school boundary.

CHOOSE TO LEAD is focused on the development and enhancement of leadership skills and knowledge while providing students the chance to fulfill their leadership potential throughout their high school career.  CHOOSE TO LEAD prepares our leaders of tomorrow…today!

Applying to CHOOSE TO LEAD

In order to be considered for Choose to Lead, complete the Choose to Lead Application package

Please carefully prepare your responses prior to submission. A list of the questions can be found here.

Part of our Application requirement includes both a Teacher Reference  and an Adult Reference. Applications must be submitted by no later than 9am on January 12, 2021. We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help in the decision making and application process. Please check out our informative slide show for great photos and information!

What do our students say? Please take a look at our Student Voice video

We look forward to considering future Knights for this unique opportunity. We will provide all applicants with a decision by end of January; please understand that decisions are final, we will not be able to provide feedback and that this program is not waitlisted. We appreciate your understanding of these elements.

Program Highlights

  • Students learn in leadership focused classes with fellow CHOOSE TO LEAD students in each of their four years.
  • Students participate in various enrichment and extra-curricular activities designed to foster and strengthen student leadership.
  • Students work towards earning Bronze, Silver and Gold standards in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program. Please see link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Program Themes

Throughout the CHOOSE TO LEAD program, courses will focus on key themes related to leadership development.  These include:

  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Global Perspectives
  • Leadership Skills at Work

Leadership Focused Courses

Students in the CHOOSE TO LEAD program are grouped together with program classmates in a number of specialized classed in grades nine through twelve.  Course content provides unique leadership perspectives that allow students to apply knowledge and skills across the curriculum.

  • Grade 9:  Academic Science, Academic Geography, and Introduction to Business
  • Grade 10:  Academic History, Open Level Careers/Civics 
  • Grade 11:  Recreation and Fitness Leadership 12M
  • Grade 12:  Business Leadership 12M (Dual Credit course with WLU)

Enrichment Opportunities

  • DECA
  • Federal-Provincial Government Conference Simulation at the University of Waterloo
  • Idea Day – Wilfrid Laurier University Student Leadership Conference
  • Ontario Student Leadership Conference
  • Groundwater Festival

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

As part of our CHOOSE TO LEAD program, students are provided with ongoing support to pursue Bronze, Silver and Gold standards for the internationally recognized Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a self-directed development program for young Canadians age 14-25.  The award program offers students the opportunity to set goals in the four areas of the program:  Community Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey.  The goal of the award is to encourage young people’s participation in activities they already enjoy and others they may have yet to experience.

Here’s your chance to join over 33,000 young Canadians who are now actively participating in the highly-respected, fun and challenging Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program.

Visit www.dukeofed.org for more information.