Student Success

The Student Success Team at Bluevale aims to help students thrive in their academic pursuits. In order to help students meet classroom expectations, we encourage the use of many supports within the school.  A good first step is always to approach the classroom teacher first for added assistance or to access the teachers in the department run help rooms, such as those run in the second half of lunch by our math, science, geography, tech and art departments.  However, additional supports are offered as described below.

What is P.A.S.S.?

P.A.S.S., or “Project and Assignment Support System”, is a program designed to help students complete assignments from grade nine and ten classes.  P.A.S.S. occurs over the lunch hour, in room 2503, and is managed by the Student Success Team. Teachers utilize this system to ensure all assignments are complete, and students use this room to receive extra help from teachers, as well as the resources to successfully finish assigned tasks.

Peer Tutoring

Students may choose to access the support of a volunteer tutor.  Tutors are senior students who have demonstrated mastery of the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to support learning.  Students and their tutors typically meet once a week at lunch under the supervision of a teacher.  For more information on the Peer Tutoring program, please contact Bob Taylor.

For more information on PASS and other Student Success supports, please contact Laurel Lavell.