Music Courses – Grade 10

Grade 10 music provides opportunities to build on skills learned in Grade 9 (except for the Beginning Guitar class). Students will continue to progress on their instrument or voice, and learn more about the language of music, including the elements, terminology and music listening skills.



Students will learn the basics of playing the guitar and reading music. Students enrolled in this class are expected to have little or no experience on the guitar. If you have played the guitar a fair bit, and can read music, then you may want to take a look at the Grade 11 Guitar course (AMG3OI) – speak to any music teacher for more information.



Students will continue to enhance their skills on a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument started in Grade 9 (or earlier).

Recommended prerequisite for Grade 10 Instrumental: Grade 9 Instrumental or approval from Dept Head.



Students will continue to enhance their vocal skills and their skills when creatively working together in small and large groups.