Bluevale’s Anti-Bullying Week

Bluevale’s Anti-Bullying Week

Next week, November 20 to November , Bluevale is having their very own Anti Bullying week. The purpose of this week is to promote a safe environment for all students around the school. It is also to inform students on things we could work on improving within our school as well as teaching students how to react in certain situations. This week Bluevale will Unite against bullying. Students are encouraged to come out to daily activities throughout the week.


Whats Happening?


MondayOn Monday November 20 Bluevale will be having a school wide positivity chain for anti-bullying, students will talk about the affects of bullying and what they can do to prevent it. Then they will be making chains in their homeroom as a class and we will later that day attach all the homeroom chains together for a display in our foyer!


Tuesday On Tuesday November 21 we will be having pledges in the lounge. Students will be encouraged to come down during their lunch to fill a pledge out about why they fight bullying. All of the pledges will be shown on the announcement board in the front hallway!


WednesdayOn Wednesday November 22 Bluevale will be selling Pink t-shirts in the lounge at lunch for $10. There will also be Show you care candy grams sold that day in the lounge as well. Students will have a chance to send their friends positive messages with some chocolate for 25 cents.


ThursdayOn Thursday November 23 Bluevale will have its very own Pink Shirt Day. On this day all students are encouraged to come to school in a pink shirt to show we support anti-bullying. We will also be having a fun activity during lunch in the lounge where students can tape their teachers to the wall, tape will be purchased with ANY donation!


FridayOn Friday November 24 we will be having a movie day! At lunch in the seminar room we will be playing a documentary “Bully.” There will also be popcorn sales going on this day with any donation (perishable foods work too!)

All donations made during this week will go __________________.