This past Tuesday students were given permission forms in their home rooms to allow them to participate in the survey.  Many of the permissions were brought back but we will continue to collect them.  If it is easier for you to register your permission on-line please log into and our school access code is 681248.  Please help us plan for the ongoing health and safety of our students.

As a reminder, Bluevale Collegiate has been chosen as one of 200 schools province-wide to take part in Health Canada’s 2014/2015 Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey (CSTADS).  CSTADS asks questions ranging from tobacco, alcohol and drug use, to bullying, mental health and school connectedness.  In Ontario, the survey will be implemented by the University of Waterloo.

On December 4, 2014, students in grades 9 to 12 with parental permission or who are of legal age to consent to reasearch will take part in the survey.  The school will receive school-specific results to help us in our planning for the ongoing health and safety of our students.

Please visit the project at for more information or call 1-800-667-1804 x 1-35679.