Summer School registration will begin Monday, March 18th and continue through Friday, May 3. This year’s summer school program will run school days beginning July 2nd and ending July 26th. Students will have the option to study in person at Huron Heights SS or at home via asynchronous Elearning on D2L Brightspace. Students opting for in person learning will have transportation to and from Huron Heights with pick up and drop off at Bluevale. Transportation to and from Bluevale will be the responsibility of caregivers. All courses have expectations of 110 hours, with daily attendance and engagement in material an expectation of in person and at home learners. For more information, please read through our REGISTRATION FORM in its entirety. You will discover course options, specific timing and other key details there. As well, our SUMMER SCHOOL FAQ is a handy document to outline key understandings for all enrolled. Thanks Knights!! Our summer school Registration form will be posted to all Grade based Google classrooms on Monday, March 18th. Please complete the form to register!