WRDSB Secondary Students: It’s time to vote for the 2023-24 Student Trustees!

Secondary Students: Vote and Make Your Voice Heard

Once you’ve decided who you’d like to represent you at the board table, remember to vote!

The voting period will take place at each school over the course of a four-day period from February 21 to 24, 2023. Schools will choose which of these days they will use for their respective elections.

Meet the Candidates

This year, Student Trustee elections feature a campaign period. As part of their application, Student Trustee candidates provided campaign materials to be made available to the student electorate at each secondary school within their riding.

Learn more about the candidates who are running to represent you:

The North Riding

Meet the North Riding Student Trustee Candidates.

The North Riding includes:

  • Bluevale Collegiate Institute
  • Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
  • Elmira DIstrict Secondary School
  • Forest Heights Collegiate Institute
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School
  • Laurel Heights Secondary School
  • Waterloo Collegiate Institute
  • Waterloo Oxford District Secondary School

The South Riding

Meet the South Riding Student Trustee Candidates.

The South Riding includes:

  • Eastwood Collegiate Institute
  • Galt Collegiate Institute
  • Glenview Park Secondary School
  • Grand River Collegiate Institute
  • Huron Heights Secondary School
  • Jacob Hespeler Secondary School
  • Preston High School
  • Southwood Secondary School

Read more about the campaign and elections under the Election Process For Student Trustees heading in the Student Trustee Handbook.


For any questions, please contact one of our Student Trustee Mentors, Joanne Weston or Kathleen Woodcock.