All graduating students, and any students leaving Bluevale at the end of this school year, will lose access to their G Suite for Education accounts and data (including Google Drive files and email) over the summer and the accounts will be closed. It is strongly recommended that these students back up all documents and emails to their personal drives/accounts before the end of June.

Any files and other data that students wish to keep should be backed up. Google Takeout is a tool that can be used to make a copy of your data. Students should consider following this tutorial to assist with the process. This tutorial shows you how to transfer your Google Drive files and your emails directly to another Google account using Google Transfer.  The tutorial also explains how to use Google Takeout to make a copy of all of your data (including Google Drive files and emails, as well as items such as Google Photos, Contacts, Calendar Events and Google Keep notes).

Students returning to a WRDSB school in September will retain their existing files and accounts. No action is necessary for returning students.