We are excited to see students return to classes on Monday, February 8th.  Students who are in Period A Cohort A are the students coming on Monday, and those in Period A Cohort B we will see you Thursday February 11th.  For the full Quadmester schedule, look to the right of this post and you will find the calendar.  

Students please return with your textbooks and any other school materials that you need to return.  We will be collecting textbooks from classrooms on the first day of each cohort’s return.  Please put on the cover of the book a piece of masking tape/post it  with your name on it.  

We know that your student’s health and safety and well-being is paramount in you sending your student back to school.   We all have a collective responsibility to ensure that we respect the requirements of a healthy learning environment. We are excited about you returning to school.  Once again we are posting daily expectations below (items underlined are new).  We are working hard to ensure we all remain healthy, in school and ready to learn! 

  • You must complete daily the Student Daily Self Screening Tool before leaving home.  STUDENT Daily self-screening
  • Teachers will be reviewing this process with students at the start of each class.  
  • If you are sick, experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or respiratory illness you are not to come to school.
  • Wear your mask at all times in the building, while outside  and on the school bus.
  • Please ensure that you have at least two masks to wear at school.  One to wear in the morning and one to wear in the afternoon.   Cloth masks will also be made available as you enter the school.  
  • Ensure that the masks you wear each day are laundered fresh masks or new if you’re using disposable.  
  • Dress appropriately for the weather.  Students will be admitted to the building at 8 a.m.  Also, many classes continue to go for walks throughout the day. 
  • When getting off the bus and/or waiting to enter the building, please ensure that you remain 2 metres away from others.  
  • Sanitize your hands as you enter the school, each time you leave and enter your classroom, prior to taking off and putting on a mask, before and after eating.   
  • Continue to bring your litterless lunch.  Thanks to Nutrition for Learning, we have lunches for those students who forget to  bring food.
  • A reminder that students will not be able to leave school and then come back into the building.  Access is secured after morning arrival.  
  • Bring to school what you will need for the day.  You will not have access to lockers so your personal belongings are with you at all times.  Keep them safe.
  • Wear your phys-ed clothes to and from school (if applicable) as changerooms will not be accessible. Bring a water bottle, extra masks,  sunscreen/hat, and weather appropriate attire.
  • If you are arrive late you will need to enter through the main entrance (door#1) and be directed by staff as to your next steps.
  • Students are encouraged to schedule appointments outside of the school day.  Parents please call in or email the main office ahead of time and the student will sign out in the main office.  
  • Continue to be kind to yourself and to one another.  

Parents/Guardians we need your help as well:

  • Please assess your student’s health daily before sending them to school. If children are sick, experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or respiratory illness they will not be permitted to enter the school.
  • Please contact the office if your student is going to be absent and this includes when their cohort is at  home learning as we mark them absent in the office (i.e. ill, parent approved, medical appointment etc.).  
  • Please encourage your student to arrive on time so that they will be able to get to class with their cohort.
  • You will not be allowed to drop off items for your student.  

Students and families did a fantastic job in Semester 1 following the protocols and expectations.   Let’s continue to keep up the great work.  We know that you are thankful for the opportunity to return to in school learning.  Following all the protocols helps everyone feel more comfortable with in person learning.   

Thanks for your support, the BCI Admin Team.