We are excited to announce that Course Selection planning has begun. Please access our new Course Selection website!

On our website, use the menu to navigate to your student’s current grade. Each Grade has its own page that includes: Course offerings, a video explaining key info for that grade level and a Caregiver permission form. We recommend that families sit down together to select courses using a chromebook and have the Course Offerings open for access to the correct course codes.

This week is information sharing and planning only. On Monday, February 8, students may go in to MyWay and select classes. All selections must be complete no later than March 1st, as well as submission of the Permission form.

We will be sharing lots of information to our Guidance website and Google classrooms Please ensure your student has access to these classrooms:

Class of 2024 (current Grade 9s) jb36wwy
Class of 2023 (current Grade 10s) qwu7rpo
Class of 2022 (current Grade 11s) 3i7rc2b
Class of 2021 (current Grade 12s) sbfvzlh ** all grade 12s will need to access MyWay to indicate plans for next year.
Guidance counsellors will be offering lunch time google meets for general questions starting next week. Specific questions can be discussed via an appointment. Please use our Guidance Appointment Request form to set up a Virtual meeting. Thank you!