30% of the grade will be based on a final evaluation, performance, essay and/or other method of evaluation suitable to the course content and administered near the end of the course.

 Ministry of Education

There is an expectation that students complete all parts of a course’s final evaluation. Students who do not complete or write the final exam do not take advantage of the opportunity to provide recent evidence to verify or confirm their consistent level of performance, at the end of a course. If a student does not provide some significant evidence in the form of a final exam or final evaluation components (e.g., assignment, lab, presentation, performance task, etc.), it may result in the student attaining a reduced grade and/or failure based on the overall evidence as reflected in the term work and final evaluation components.


  • All final examinations must be written on the day and at the time shown on the exam schedule. Students with issues must see Mr. Wiechers. It is the student’s responsibility to be in the right place at the right time. Please know your course code and section number.
  • Students are to report to their exam classroom 15 minutes before the start of their exam to hand in their textbook(s). It is the student’s responsibility to return all textbooks and library books.
  • From June 20 to June 26 students are required to be in school only when they must write an examination or are completing subject assignments. Students are not to visit other schools during the examination period.   This is considered trespassing.
  • Students must leave cell phones, books, coats, etc. in their lockers. Only pens, pencils, etc. may be brought into the exam room. Calculators may be used only if the instructions at the top of the exam so state. No talking is allowed during the exam period.
  • Students writing Grade 9 and 10 exams will be required to remain in the exam room until the official conclusion of the examination period. All other students will be required to remain until the end of the first hour of the examination period. No one will be allowed to leave during the last ten (10) minutes of any exam.
  • Students who are ill should have their parents call the school on the day of the exam to inform the school the nature of the problem. A doctor’s certificate that indicates diagnosis and date(s) that are affected is required.
  • The Library will be closed during exams as it is being used as an exam room. Students who wish to talk, eat or study in groups may use the cafeteria. All other areas of the school should be avoided.
  • Halls are to be kept clear during exams. If you are permitted to leave an exam early, go to your locker quietly and then leave quickly. Other students who are writing exams are not to be disturbed. All students should be out of the school by 3:00 p.m.

Policy statement on students who are late for examinations

  • All students who are late must report directly to the Main Office.
  • Students who are less than fifteen minutes late will be permitted to write with their class. No additional time will be allotted.
  • Students who are more than fifteen minutes late will be sent to an alternate supervised location.
  • No student will be allowed to begin an examination once the other students writing the same examination have been permitted to leave the exam room, unless approval is given by the Administration.

School closure or bus cancellation

  • 2019 June Exam Bus Schedules
  • Listen to local radio and check the School Board Website at www.wrdsb.ca by 7:00 am for any announced cancellations.
  • Exams may be postponed for various reasons including inclement weather, bus cancellations, plant malfunctions, etc. Please do not plan events which require your student to be absent from school on exam days or on the days directly following the exam days as these will be the days in which the postponed exams will be re-scheduled.
  • Should any WRDSB schools be closed, or any WRDSB school buses be cancelled during the June 20th  – June 26th Exam Schedule, the examinations will be postponed on that day and moved forward by one day. (Example: if a cancellation of  school or buses occurs on Friday, June 21st, those exams would be written on Monday, June 24th, meaning all exam days will be shifted by one day.
  • Any such changes will be communicated via the school’s website https://bci.wrdsb.ca