Commencement Awards Application

All graduating students interested in applying for Commencement awards must do so by
Thursday, March 22nd.

Please complete the award application and return to Ms. Patirani in room 3214.

BCI Awards & Bursaries 2018

In order for you to eligible, the following items are necessary:
1) You must be officially graduating this year. Students that graduated last year are not eligible.
2) This form must be typed, printed and signed.
3) All applicable questions must be answered.

Your ability to complete the form properly has an impact on your eligibility.

Before you submit your application, please carefully review the following checklist:

  • Did you check off the awards you’re applying for?
  • Did all your information fit in the boxes on the printed copy? (i.e. no words are cut off)
  • Did you total your hours accurately?
  • Did you sign the application?

If you have any questions, see Mr. Keirstead in room 2118.