The Pre-AP (Enhanced) Mathematics program at BCI provides our most accomplished mathematics students with the opportunity to broaden the scope of their mathematics learning at their grade level, and to provide them with the expanded problem solving opportunities that they might not normally experience in their regular class.   These courses would also serve as a foundation for those students wishing to take AP Calculus or AP Statistics in Grade 12.

The Bluevale Mathematics Department offers a Pre-AP Mathematics course in each of Grade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11.


Students in a Pre-AP (Enhanced) Mathematics class will:

  • study the regular mathematics curriculum of their grade level
  • explore areas of mathematics outside of the regular curriculum
  • cultivate creative thinking in mathematics
  • participate in all mathematics contests at their grade level in order to learn a variety of problem solving techniques.

Students will be evaluated primarily on the regular curriculum of the course, but they will also be evaluated on Pre-AP topics added to the curriculum.  Students in Grade 9 Pre-AP will write the same FInal Assessments as those students in Grade 9 Academic classes.  However, the students in Grades 10 and 11 Pre-AP will write a different final exam than students in the Academic (Grade 10 – MPM2DI) and University (Grade 11 – MCR 3UI) classes.

Acceptance into Grade 9 Pre-AP (Enhanced) Mathematics:

Grade 8 students interested in applying for Grade 9 Pre-AP Mathematics must complete the application which can be found at BCI AP.

Acceptance into Grade 10/11 Pre-AP (Enhanced) Mathematics:

Students are recommended for acceptance into the Pre-AP (Enhanced) Mathematics course by their math teacher or guidance counsellor.  Successful students are those that demonstrate:

  • a high proficiency in mathematics
  • initiative to explore areas of mathematics outside of the regular curriculum (including participation in mathematics contests)
  • exceptional problem solving skills

The Mathematics Department reviews the recommendations and then determines the successful candidates from each grade for enrolment in the Pre-AP (Enhanced) course.

Course Description for MPM 2DW (Grade 10 Pre-AP (Enhanced) Mathematics)

Course Description for MCR 3UW (Grade 11 Pre-AP (Enhanced) Mathematics)