Advanced Placement  (Grade 12)

The Advanced Placement program enables students to pursue university-level studies while in high school.  Based on their performance on rigorous AP examinations, students can earn credits, advanced placement or both for many universities and colleges in Canada and the United States.

Pre-Advanced Placement (Grade 9-11)

BCI offers students the opportunity to register in pre-advanced placement courses in English AND/OR French from grades 9 to 11.  For those students who have a keen interest in science, there will be an opportunity to take pre-advanced placement Science at the grade 10 level. A decision regarding Mathematics will be made in the 2021 school year as we anticipate changes to our plans based on de-streaming of Mathematics in Grade Nine.

Pre-Advanced Placement classes require an application made in Grade 8, in order to participate in the class in Grade 9. 

2021-2022 Pre-AP Applications

What do our students have to say? (Student Voice Video)

For Grade 8 students interested in applying to our Pre-Advanced Placement stream in Grade 9 ( English and/or French) please complete the Student Pre-AP Application form.

Applications are due no later than January 12 at 9am.

In addition, each Pre-AP subject area requires its own Teacher reference form.

Students who are currently in grade 9 or 10 at Bluevale CI should speak to their subject teacher or guidance counsellor if they are interested in taking Pre-AP courses.

For more detailed information, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and our Pre-Advanced Placement information slide show.

Advanced Placement Courses (Grade 12)

Advanced Placement courses are an excellent option for students who would like to study at an advanced level or for students who enjoy a challenge.  AP courses also help prepare students to write AP Exams in May of each year.  Students who are interested in taking an AP course should speak with their guidance counsellor.

BCI offers the following approved AP courses at the grade 12 level:

  • Biology (SBI 4UW)
  • Chemistry (SCH 4UW)
  • English Literature and Compostion (ENG 4UW)
  • French Language (FSF4UW)
  • Microeconomics (CIA 4UW)
  • Physics (SPH 4UW)

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Advanced Placement Exams

Students may choose to write any Advanced Placement exam offered by the College Board.  Registration forms are available from Laurel Lavell in Guidance.

Congratulations to all students who completed AP exams this school year!


For general information about Advanced Placement courses and exams, please visit the College Board website.

For information about Advanced Placement and Canadian Universities, please visit the AP Canada website or click here for a list of Canadian Universities that acknowledge qualifying AP exams in the admissions process.

For specific information on how to register for AP courses and exams at BCI, please contact  Laurel Lavell ( or call 519 885-4620.