Singers, dancers, actors, musicians, artists – Bluevale showcases some of the finest student performers around! Choirs, bands, stage performances, concerts galore – there are countless opportunities for our Knights to explore their artistic side!

Interested in music? You could sign up for one of the many music groups running at Bluevale. Or you could participate in Many Moods of Music, the hugely successful student run music concert! Choirs more your thing? We have plenty to join, including the multi-award winning Bluevale Singers, numbering more than 200 students!

Maybe your artistic leaning is for the stage. We’ve got you covered, with plenty of drama and dance performances throughout the year! Just check out the list of some of the amazing opportunities in the arts!

  • Dance Clubs and Teams (hip-hop, tap, jazz and more!)
  • Choirs (from small chamber choirs to the massive Bluevale Singers)
  • Music Groups (jazz band, symphonic bands, and more)
  • Drama Clubs & Shows
  • Many Moods of Music
  • Arts Coffee Houses
  • Concerts and Performances (Spring Concert, Jazz Knight and more)