There are two courses from which students can choose. Students are encouraged to take both courses, but may only take each course once.

Introduction to Business
Grade 9 and 10, Open


Business touches our lives every day as consumers, employees, taxpayers, and Canadian citizens. This course introduces students to the world of business, including the concepts, functions, and skills required for meeting the challenges of operating a business in the twenty-first century on a local, national, and/or international scale. Students will also learn concepts and skills related to personal finance, entrepreneurship, and international business. Learning is provided through many interactive demonstrations and group activities including the opening and operating of a restaurant; a production game; accounting using Monopoly; management techniques, and franchise research involving a business plan. By taking this course, you will build a foundation for further business studies.

Introduction to Information Technology in Business
Grade 9 and 10, Open


This course introduces students to the use of information technology in a business environment. Students will learn how to use information technology in a work environment. They will perform electronic research and use common business software, including spreadsheets, word processing, desktop publishing, presentation software and web page design. Students will also explore possible future occupations in information technology.