BAF3MI – Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and procedures of accounting, with emphasis on accounting procedures used in service and merchandising businesses. Students will develop financial analysis and decision-making skills that will assist them in future studies and/or career opportunities in business. Careers in accounting will be researched. Accounting theory and applications will also be delivered through the use of the computer and the game of Monopoly.
Prerequisite: None

BMI3CI – Marketing: Goods, Services, and Events, Grade 11, College Preparation

This course introduces the fundamentals of marketing such as pricing, product development, promoting, selling and distributing of goods, services, and events. Students learn how an idea becomes a product and goes from the concept stage to the marketplace through case studies and real-life examples. The summative project invites students to “invent” or “innovate” a product and create a marketing plan to support it, making the course a very practical, hands-on and fun experience.
Prerequisite: None

BDI 3CI – Entrepreneurship: The Venture, Grade 11, College Preparation

This course focuses on ways in which entrepreneurs recognize opportunities, generate ideas, and organize resources to plan successful ventures. Students will have a unique opportunity to run a venture together as a class where the profits will be donated to a local charity. In lieu of a final exam, students will create a venture plan for a service business that they could operate during the summer or after they graduate. Through hands-on experiences, students will have opportunities to develop the values, traits, and skills most often associated with successful entrepreneurs.
Prerequisite: None


CLU3MI – Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

This course explores Canadian law with a focus on the sources of law, rights and freedoms, criminal law, and civil law. During the criminal law unit, students will solve a CSI Bluevale crime, research a famous criminal, and take a field trip to Toronto to observe trials at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Throughout the course, students will use critical-thinking, inquiry, and communication skills to develop informed opinions on legal issues and apply this knowledge in a variety of ways and settings, including case analysis, mock trials, and debates.
Prerequisite: Grade 10 Canadian History Since World War I, Academic or Applied


BTA3OI – Information and Communication Technology: The Digital Environment, Grade 11, Open Level

This course prepares students for the ever-changing digital environment. Using a hands-on approach, students will further develop information and communication technology skills through the use of common business software applications like Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Methods of effective electronic research will be discovered, which will be useful to students across all courses. The concept and operation of e-business will be explored and students will design and create their very own e-business website. The skills developed in this course will prepare students for success in the workplace and/or post secondary studies.
Prerequisite: None


BMX 3EI – Marketing: Retail and Service, Grade 11, Workplace Level

This course focuses on marketing activities in the retail and service sectors. Students will examine trends and global influences on marketing decisions, and will learn about the importance of customer service in developing a customer base and maintaining customer loyalty. Through hands-on learning, students will develop personal selling and information technology skills that will prepare them for a variety of marketing-related positions in the workplace.
Prerequisite: None

CLU 3EI – Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 11, Workplace Level

This course gives students practical information about legal issues that directly affect their lives. Students will examine the need for laws in society, the roots of Canada’s legal system, the rights and freedoms that people in Canada enjoy, and the basic elements of criminal law and dispute resolution. Through experiences such as mock trials, debates, and case studies, students will apply inquiry and communication skills to develop and express opinions on legal topics of interest to them.
Prerequisite: Canadian History Since World War I, Grade 10, Academic or Applied.