Great news, Bluevale! The WRDSB is offering a variety of eLearning (online) courses which will take place from June 29 To July 24, 2020.
All courses are full New Credit courses. There are no Recovery/Make-Up courses being offered. Students wishing to make up a lost credit are welcome to enroll and re-do a class.
Please be aware that these are regular eLearning courses, and they are different from the Distance Learning that you have been doing this semester. The expectation is for 6 hours of instruction, plus homework time, per day.
Please use the link below to find the list of course offerings and to complete your registration form. We ask that you read the form carefully, as many details are included. In addition, please make sure to check your WRDSB email regularly, as all communication will come through that channel.
Courses will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The final deadline to register is June 12. Please feel free to email your guidance counselor with any specific questions!!
Thank you, and take care.